As a medical practitioner, keeping your schedule full, maximizing your revenue, and ensuring your patients have a great experience is a tricky balance. Communication is key.

New technology allows you to text message your patients using your existing business phone number without having to purchase or install any new hardware. Despite how easy it is to set up, the majority of clinics are still relying on phone and email communication, and the inconvenience for patients is at an all-time high.

Text messaging can improve your patient satisfaction and help to keep your schedule full. The best part is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get started.

So, without further ado, here are the top 4 reasons you should be texting your patients.

1. Texting Is Convenient for Your Patients

It’s 2017 – nobody wants to make or answer phone calls anymore. If your phone rings with a number you don’t recognize, the call usually goes unanswered. Voicemail is worse – a voicemail can go unheard for weeks without a response. It’s inconvenient to check your mailbox, an

When you text a patient, they get the message on their own terms, and can reply when it’s convenient to them. No more missed calls or unanswered voicemails.

2. You’ll Have 75% Less Missed Appointments

A quick text the morning of an appointment is a quick and easy way to confirm an appointment, and practically guarantee that your patient will get the reminder, as 98% of all text messages are read within the first 3 minutes.

Additionally, if the patient has double booked their schedule, a quick text reply is all they need to do to rebook. No having to phone or wait on hold – you can reply to rebook, and the space opens up for another patient. Your admin staff will love you for this!

3. Create a Longer and More Loyal Relationship with Your Patients

When your patient gets an email from the clinic, it goes in the same inbox as the hundreds of spam messages they get every week.

On the other hand, text messages are personal, friendly, and build a positive relationship with your client. Friendly text messaging impresses your patients and helps to build a lifelong bond.

4. Your Patients Are Probably Already Texting You

Let’s face it – we live in a mobile world. Everyone has a cell phone, and everyone texts the numbers they get calls from. Messages are already being sent to you by your customers, and without Text Groove, you aren’t able to receive and respond to these messages. Your customers go without a response, and your clinic suffers.

Start Texting Your Clients on Your Existing Number Today

Texting can immediately improve the way your clinic communicates with patients. At an affordable $59 / month, Text Groove allows you to text-enable your existing clinic phone number. Then you’ll be able to text send and receive texts from your patients using our easy-to-use software through the number your patients are already using. There’s no new hardware required, and we’ll even let you try the service free for the first 30 days.