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Text messages sent worldwide every day.

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Texting is the #1 Preferred Method of Communication of Consumers in the World

How Text Groove Works

A mobile user sends a text to your landline number.

Sending a text to a landline number is the same as sending one to a friend’s mobile phone.

It appears on your computer or device in our web app.

The text arrives on your computer or smartphone without any new equipment installation.

You or our automated systems reply to your customer.

When you answer, the message arrives on the customer’s phone like a normal text.

Text Groove Helps Streamline Your Customer Communications


Take appointments and reservations. Send automated reminders. Get cancellations before its too late.


Quickly set text reminders for appointments, reservations, deliveries or pick ups, with less cancellations and misses.

Feedback and Comments

Let customers give feedback and comments. See comments instantly and reply if necessary. They will appreciate your service.


Notify customers instantly when their product or goods are ready for pick up, delivery or install. Fast, efficient, no voice mails.

Waiting Lists

In the event of an appointment or reservation cancellation, you can fill the spot in seconds by texting your list.

Pick Up Service

Customers can text in for fast and accurate pick up services.  Dry cleaning, couriers, recycling, paper shredding or car service.

Food Orders

Start accepting text orders from your customers.  Quickly reply back when the order will be ready.  Simple and accurate.

Dispatch Services

Customers can easily request dispatched services, such as trades or taxis. Fast, efficient, and accurate.


Scheduled Texts

Schedule texts to be sent to any recipient at any time and date in the future. Great for appointment and reservation reminders.

Keyword Automation

Powerful keyword tool allows you to automate customized replies and deliver info without the need to manually send replies to every text.

Automatic Replies

Set automated messages and replies for incoming texts at specified times and days when you can’t personally reply to messages.

Personalized Signatures

Automatically include a signature on the end of all outgoing messages to provide additional valuable information.

Multiple Users

Assign access to as many users as you need, and see who sent each particular message with our auditing features.

Advanced Reporting

Easily run custom sending, keyword, and user reports over any date range to monitor your businesses texting goals.

Over 2 million messages were sent worldwide in the last 10 seconds.
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