Text Groove for Medical Clinics

Texting For Your Existing Business Phone Number

People Are Already Texting You

Without Text Groove, texts sent to your existing business phone number can’t be seen or replied to and go unanswered.

Patients Prefer to Text

No more phone tag, voicemails, or missed appointments. Communicate two-way with patients using a method of communication that is highly efficient and convenient for them.

Increase Efficiency & Satisfaction

Office staff spending less time on the phone means more work gets done and your clients can be helped faster.

Over 2 million messages were sent worldwide in the last 10 seconds.
How many were to your business?

Benefits for Medical Clinics

Scheduled Texts

Eliminate voicemails and no shows by scheduling reminders to be sent leading up to and the day of your appointments.

Auto Replies

Automatically deliver emergency instructions and collect appointment requests even when you’re not in the office.


Get notified when you receive messages from your patients even if you’re working in a different application window.

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